XII Open Belgian Championship 2012

General information

Begin Date2012-08-10
End Date2012-08-12
EventXII Open Belgian Championship Patin
Adipav CiruitYes


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One week of nice warm weather and sunshine was all the summer had brought until the weekend of the 12th Belgian Championship patin. But just when it was needed the most, summertime arrived. The Belgian weather forecast predicted a sweat weekend with temperatures rising to 30°C and no clouds. Now this is a weather for racing!

The races of the Open Belgian Championship (OBC) started officially on Friday 10th of August, but on Wednesday a practice race was held with coaching of Sebastien Godefroid – former silver Olympic medalist in the Finn class. These practice races are held every Wednesday in the buildup to the OBC. They commence at the start of the sailing season under the initiative of Twinsclub in Bredene. Hopefully these races are repeated next year.

A total of 7 races were scheduled over the three racing days (Fri 2 - Sat 3 – Sun 2). Racing commenced on Friday at 6 pm. At the time the ‘sea breeze’ was already in place delivering ideal conditions for sailing: Bright sky, + 3 bft. of wind from the NE and almost no waves. What more is there to wish for? A total of 21 patins geared up on the beaches of Bredene and waiting – on land! – for the starting signed to be given (the starting line was drawn just in front of the beach). Saturday delivered more of the same. The morning race was sailed in light winds but in the afternoon the sea breeze joined the party again. The smallest and lightest sailors had a tough time keeping the patin flat. Luckily Sebbe was there to explain us the different ways to trim the sail for heavy weather. Sunday started off the same, light weather at the first race that commenced at 11 am. But in the afternoon the gradient wind was to strong and no sea breeze established. The last race even had to be closed due to a very shifting wind. Some patinairos were sailing on starboard while 50m in front there colleague had his sail on port.

It proved to be a very exciting championship. On all fronts competitors were fighting for the best positions. As can be seen in the results below the outcome of each race was very different. Not a single race was the same. And what made the race even more memorable was the fact we no longer had to shout out our sailing stories after the race. At the debriefing we could learn and discuss what went wrong and how we can correct ourselves the next day.

My special thanks go to everybody making possible our 12th Open Belgian Championship. And with everybody I really mean everybody. Starting from the most obvious – the racing crew and the numerous patin sailors – to the less visual support of sponsors, organization, accompanying yachts on the water, …

Congrats to Jacob with his win! See you all nexy year for a new great weekend!

Pictures can be found here (a small selection) and here (a whole bunch).

The results can be viewed below or by following this link.


Nr.BoatnameBoatnumberCat.Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
1Peak Performance2970125(10)17116
9No Panic29632(11)114109236
10Ad Fundum281027999(22 DNF)1246
12Lac d' Ifni26862914(22 DNS)12131563
13Twiedekker28862131311(22 DNF)22 DNS968
14Svalbard29052(22 DNS)1222 DNF22 DNF10672
15Hooligan26422(22 DNC)22 DNC1214111473
16Zeecat2765215171415(22 DNS)1374
18Zeepuyt256721715151612(22 DNF)75
19Denebola180216191817(22 DNS)2090
20Phare de vie29622181817(22 DNF)22 DNS1691
21Tinelmar29952(22 DNF)22 DNS1922 DNF22 DNS19104