Practice Race - End of August 2012

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Begin Date2012-09-01
End Date2012-09-01
EventPractice race - End of August
Adipav CiruitNo


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1st of September: closing time of summer. Last weekend of vacation before everyday life – work for one, school for another, hobbies for a third, … - commences again. But before all this Twinsclub invited us on our favorite playing ground – the North Sea. A broad reaction came from the patinairos. A total of 10 patins (including one Junior) tasted the saltiness of our beloved sea again.

Racing commenced at 2 p.m. and after these regatta’s a cozy barbeque was planned. The weather supported us, a bright sun looked down upon us and there was a light breeze. Actually it was almost too light. There was a very strong current present, flowing in the same direction as the wind, which made it very difficult to reach the windward marker. Speed was an option, but staying near shore was a better one. Kristof - No panic – knew this and showed everybody how to sail these kind of conditions. Well, actually he was too far in front to learn anything from him.

So eager to show everybody how far ahead he finished Kristof sailed back to Twinsclub after winning the first race he already started clearing away all his stuff. Little did he know racing wasn’t over yet! Slowly the wind increased and the current decreased in strength. Ideal conditions to make some more races. It was decided to shorten the track so it was possible to make 2 more races. And racing we did.

As with every race you can count on the Kindt brothers to perform their tricks. Patrick did a ‘Greenlander’ as usual, even with this small amount of wind. And Johan still loves his buoys so much he can’t stay away from them. Sadly enough it wasn’t all fun. We encountered two collisions on only three regatta’s, which is too high. Can I remind the patinairos to a fundamental racing rule in sailing: avoid collisions. And since our beloved catamarans don’t always react as quickly as we would like it is necessary to navigate very forward-looking. Don’t tack in front of another and jump into the water to perform an ‘emergency break’ if no other option is left!

Hopeful to meet everybody again on our season closing 29 and 30 September.

The results can be viewed below or by following this link.


Nr.BoatnameBoatnumberCat.Race 1Race 2Race 3Total
3Lac d' Ifni2686210 DNF2315
4Ad Fundum281022410 DNF16
5Phare de vie29622310 RAF417
7No Panic29632110 DNS10 DNS21
8Q-L'eaux2675210 DNF510 DNF25
9El Fanatico2652210 DNF10 DNF10 DNF30