XII European Championship Patin a Vela 2013

General information

Begin Date2013-08-15
End Date2013-08-17
EventXII European Championship Patin
Adipav CiruitYes


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Quim Esteba seizes the European Champion 2013 title for the second time in Belgium.

Emillo Murillo becomes European Champion Patin Junior 2013.

In splendid – sometimes strong – conditions the European Championship Patin & Patin Junior was held in the magnificent environment in Twinsclub Bredene and Coq-O-Beach club De Haan.

There were 24 Patin entries ( 7 Catalan, 1 French, 1 Luxembourg and 15 Belgian ) and 8 Junior entries ( 5 Catalan and 3 Belgian ).

The championship started on Thursday 15 august in sunny to partially cloudy conditions with a WSW wind of 15-19 knots. The sea was well formed with the typical short breaking waves over the shallow waters of the North Sea.

The next day, all boats sailed the 6 nautical miles to De Haan under a sunny blue sky with a gentle SSW breeze and a flat sea. This transfer had its own classification: Gerard and Emillo were the winners who collected the baskets with local sweets at the informal gathering with council member of sports Rudy Claus after the racing at De Haan. These races started after a quick lunch: conditions became heavy as the sky obscured and some raindrops appeared. The wind veered to WSW 18-21 knots with a building sea. Several boats had damage in the first race, the second race the race committee decided to shorten the race at the downwind mark after the loop. After the reception, conditions were better and most of the boats could return to Bredene just in time before the current would turn adverse. The rest of the boats were collected with trailers.

The last day the sky cleared. As the wind was SSW again, the sea was calmer and we made two quick races in a moderate to fresh breeze. Jacky and Mark offered resistance those two last races to the leading three Catalans Gerard, Quim and Inigo, breaking their claim on the three first places over the preceding races.

But the podium stayed pure Catalan : Gerard ( 2 ) had to give the first place with equal points to Quim ( 1 ) and Inigo ended third ( 3 ). Mark Lerno ended 4 and the first Belgian, a more remarkable achievement considering he was sailing the oldest boat of the fleet : a twelve year old 2588. Jacky honored the tricolor of France and ended on the fifth place.

The Junior podium was also all Catalan : Emillo Murillo sailed a consistent first ( only once interrupted by a broken halyard ), Nina Esteba a consistent second and Xavier Vaillo ended third. The Gimenez girls Mariona and Silvia preceded first Belgian Natan Bossuyt (6).

Special prizes were given to the first female Junior Patin ( Nina Esteba ), to the youngest competitor in Patin ( Robbert Lerno aged 17 ), to the Master Patin ( > 55 ) Jacky Guibert, and the Turtle prizes to Herwig Van Besien (12) and Natan Bossuyt (6) in Junior

All participants and their companions enjoyed a tasty BBQ on the closing diner after the prize giving, during which the organization thanked all competitors, their companions, the Twinsclub manager Johan Kint and his whole crew, the sponsors and fund raiser Bernard, the race committee led by Peter Van den Bossche and strengthened by Annemie Peeters, the jury led by Dirk Sledsens and strengthened by Steven Scheerens, the volunteers on the water and the shore, and last but not least our most loyal supporters : our wives and partners. The evening ended with a photo session in the presence of mayor of Bredene Steve Vandenberghe.

Pictures can be found here or on the special EK 2013 website


Nr.BoatnameBoatnumberCat.Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Total
8nO panic2963075869(16)35
11Galactico2883081114(25 DNF)7646
12Ad Fundum28100(13)9111181049
13/60111010(25 DNF)181564
14Twiedekker280121315(25 DNF)131770
15Hooligan26420181720(25 DNF)15878
16Q-L-EAUX26750171513(25 DNF)161879
17Lac d Ifni26860101916(25 DNF)25 DNF1383
18Bonic3010168(25 DNF)1225 DNS25 DNS86
19Healthy Pleasure28760(25 DNF)25 DNF1725 DNF141495
20Sir5r27080(25 DNF)25 DNF1925 DNF1725 DNF111
21Emo170(25 DNF)162125 DNF25 DNF25 DNF112
22Gonzi940(25 DNF)25 DNF1825 DNF25 DNF25 DNF118
23Ratcha27500(25 DNC)25 DNC25 DSQ25 DNS25 DNC25 DNC125
24Tinelmar29950(25 DNF)25 DNF25 DNF25 DNS25 DNF25 DNF125