XIII Open Belgian Championship 2013

General information

Begin Date2013-07-19
End Date2013-07-21
EventXIII Open Belgian Championship Patin
Adipav CiruitYes


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The XIII Open Belgian Championship Patin à Vela 2013. Already edition 12, summers fly when you are having (sailing) fun. All together 15 patins à vela joined in to have a great sailing weekend and challenge the Belgian cup. One patin junior joined the scene as well. It is never too early to gain your first patin sailing experience.

As usual, racing commenced with a ‘teaser’ on Friday afternoon. The wind was blowing heavily from the NE with 19 to 22 knots. Some were having difficulty trimming down the wind power, other were already digging deep into their powers to keep their patin flat on the water. But one man was having much fun. Mark (TINA) raced off in the start and was not to be seen anymore. He finished the race with a large lead.

On Saturday racing started at 11 a.m. and the strong NE wind was still there. The first race was sailed with 17 to 19 knots, while it stiffened to 19 to 21 knots in the afternoon. After two races, where the outcome was similar to the day before, all sailors called it a day. The racing committee decided to stop sailing after 2 races and let the sailors save some strength for the next day. All enjoyed a nice BBQ with beautiful sunset at Twinsclub in the evening. You probably now the saying: ‘red sky at night – seaman’s delight’.

An indeed, Sunday promised a change in sailing. The strong NE wind from Friday and Saturday had changed into a lighter breeze (8 – 10 knots) from ENE. One man’s pleasure, other man’s fear. Mark (TINA) who was in pole position after his three consecutive wins in hard wind found it difficult to sail top 3 places. There was a change in podium after Bernard (Noordzeecat), Jacob (Ond) and Gert (SjeTTe) took the first place in the three races that day. However, it was Simon (Boarebreker) who ended up as the Belgian Champion 2013 after sailing 2nd and 3rd places. Or how one can win a championship without the winning races.

Special thanks to everybody making possible our 13th Open Belgian Championship. The numerous patin sailors, racing crew, sponsors, judges, accompanying yachts on the water and all other volunteers.

Pictures can be found here (a small selection) and here (a whole bunch).


Nr.BoatnameBoatnumberCat.Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
4nO panic2963244(5)34318
5Noordzeecat3082165(17 DNF)51421
6SjeTTe296615(17 DNF)3115125
8Ad Fundum2810298889(11)42
9Lac d Ifni2686211(17 DNF)17 DNF67849
10Svalbard29052(17 DNF)12109111052
12Pamina26872777(17 DNS)17 DNS17 DNS55
13Healthy Pleasure29092(17 DNS)917 DNF1210957
14Zeepuyt25672(17 DNF)111110121357
15El Zorro del Mar1403(17 DNS)17 DNS17 DNS14141476
16Tinelmar29952(17 DNF)17 DNS17 DNS17 DNF17 DNF17 DNF85