Ranking 2013

The patin racing fleet is divided between the first and second category sailors. Each year an overall ranking is deducted from the results of various races. This ranking forms the basis to promote sailors from the second to the first category.

Nosepasa-Adipav Circuit 2013

The following races are part of the Nosepasa-Adipav Circuit 2013:

Begin dateEnd dateEventClassesOrganisorVenue
2013-05-192013-05-20Pinkster RegattaPatinTwinsclubBredene
2013-07-192013-07-21XIII Open Belgian Championship PatinPatinTwinsclubBredene
2013-08-152013-08-17XII European Championship PatinPatinTwinsclubBredene
2013-09-282013-09-29End of Season RacePatin, MultihullTwinsclubBredene

Current Ranking

This is the latest stance in the Nosepasa-Adipav Ranking:

BoatnameBoatnumberPinkster RegattaXIII Open Belgian Championship PatinXII European Championship PatinEnd of Season RaceTotal
nO Panic2963036392499
Lac d'Ifni2686021152056
Ad Fundum281002427051
Healthy Pleasure1800912627
El Camaron187300044


The regatta’s in the Adipav Circuit in Belgium will form the basis for the Adipav Ranking of the Nosepasa members. Following rules apply to them:

  • Open : All patin competitors count in the score. There are no limits on age, nationality, gender, …
  • Minimum entry : All Adipav Circuit regatta’s with a minimum participation of five patins count in the score.
  • Score : The score of each competitor is calculated according to following formula:
    "(number of patin competitors that entered the regatta – place in the final results + 1)*days programmed in the regatta"
  • Ranking : The summation of all the points gathered in the valid regatta’s will form the final Nosepasa-Adipav Ranking of this year. The Nosepasa member with the highest number of points is the winner of the Nosepasa-Adipav Ranking.

Passage to First Category

A new patin sailor starting competition is automatically referred to the second category. Depending on his results he can be transferred to the first category. A passage to the first category in Belgium, will be a Adipav recognized passage. This means the sailor will from then on sail in first category in all the Adipav in Belgium or abroad. A tranfer is assigned when:
  • Winner Adipav Circuit Regatta : The winner of each Adipav Circuit Regatta will pass to the first category (be it a Nosepasa-Adipav member or a foreign Adipav sailor ). For the Open Belgium Championship this number will be increased to the first three winners.
  • Winner Nosepasa-Adipav Ranking : The person finishing first of the second category in the Nosepasa-Adipav Ranking will also pass to first category.